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From the gateway of the Sierras in California, out to the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, into the Pacific Northwest of the Washington Cascades...

Andy Libecki (glass artist/musician) better known as

“The Moment Seeker”

How it all began...
As a young man in Utah, I was taken into the depths of the Wasatch mountains and shown the bliss of deep powder snowboarding.  It was during these times of zinging through the trees at high speeds, I realized I was “a moment seeker”.  The freedom of not having to think, only time to react, truly brought me into the present moment.  Once I realized the power of this state of mind, I spent 15 winters studying, experiencing and achieving these moments as much as possible.

Following my love of nature, I found myself deep in the Cascade Mountains east of Bellingham Washington. Finding myself unemployed, I was coincidentally offered a job at a glassblowing studio. I was immediately intrigued with glass blowing and was fascinated by the history. It was then I became addicted to this merciless, beautiful ancient art. And I haven't stopped since.

Mt. Baker Northwest Washington  Andy Libecki Jordan Francisco Mylee Francisco  Lupin Banjo Pickin'

During this time I decided to learn how to play the banjo, so I called up Jordan Francisco, a local instructor that was recommended to me. The lessons were held at his home-studio in Bellingham Washington, where I spent many, many hours and late nights.  Jordan is a infamous Northwest musician-extraordinaire, whose insights and life lessons are as brilliant as his musicianship.  Among the many lessons learned was the versatility of improvising a lead in the moment.  There are times when you're playing hard-drivin' bluegrass and your improvisation is as swift and smooth as zinging through the trees down a snow covered mountain.  Again I realized, my passion and my power comes from attaining the state of mind of being in the present moment.

Then she opened the door...
Mylee Francisco (performer/choreographer) better known as “the banjo teachers daughter”...

I met Mylee while learning to play the banjo and it was love at first sight.  I could go on and on about this, but I won't.  What I will tell you is that we share the same devotion to seeking the “moment”.  As a dancer, Mylee experiences her own bliss by what she defines as “Duende”.  The word Duende is in reference to flamenco terminology and refers to a moment when the dancer is indistinguishable from the dance. A beautiful balance between strength, fluidity and passion.

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After finding each other and planning our future's together, we eventually found our way down to Northern California. Mylee and I have built a fully functional glass blowing Hot Shop, and the Duende Sol dance studio here in Chico. It took blood, sweat and tears, but we are finally creating the art we have been dreaming of. The essence of our art, is to travel the world and transform whatever inspirations we find, into the physical glass form.

Although we are always striving for personal greatness, our goal is to use these art forms to create ways we can give back to our communities, local and world wide. We are actively raising money for our endeavor to give back, and help make this world a better place.

Green River Mylee and Lilli  img-1267.jpg

Seeking the now, pursuing passion

The present moment will dictate what needs to happen.

Through my world travels

I sculpt my inspirations

With the dream of returning my gains

To world preservation