Our mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, for us and for the planet.
Without healthy oceans, we cannot survive.

From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the climate we live in, we all depend on our oceans. Today, they are more important than ever. Healthy oceans absorb carbon from the atmosphere and help reduce the impact of climate change.

This is the story that SeaLegacy tells. This is the story that sparks a global conversation, and the story that inspires people to act. We believe that producing powerful media and art that gives people hope is imperative. Hope is empowerment. Hope is a solution. Hope is a game changer.

We are a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans.

SeaLegacy is a registered nonprofit society in Canada and is also under the fiscal sponsorship of the WILD Foundation, a 501c3 organization based in Colorado.  Our young and growing team is a dynamic mix of full-time, part-time, and volunteers; including social entrepreneurs, strategists, editors, designers, developers, and social media experts.
    100% of donations to SeaLegacy make a difference, as private donors cover our operating and admin costs.

30% of proceeds from go directly to helping save and preserve our Oceans through Sea Legacy.