This Narwhal sculpture is crafted from molten glass in our studio in Chico California. The Narwhals are blown, sculpted hot, and their tusks are made of hot sculpted stainless steel.  The Icebergs and sea ice have been a creation I have been working on night and day, relentlessly to recreate the colors I have seen while in the arctic. That is when I added the phosphorescent (glowing) aspect. That was the only way I could get the underlying tones and deep blues you see in icebergs and sea ice.

The Narwhals range from 18 inches to 2 feet from tusk to tail. The center Iceberg stands 2 feet tall and the whole sculpture is 20 inches wide. The tall Icebergs come with LED lights installed inside. When all the lights are off, the phosphorescence glows that beautiful ice blue, all night long, and intensifies as your eyes completely adjust to the darkness.

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