Well folks, if your like me, you go to bed with a glass of water nearby. And like me, you've probably fumbled and groped for it in the middle of the night either to knock it over or to search unsuccessfully until you have to turn on your dang light. Not any more!!! Our special phosphorescent bedside drinking glass is beautiful, safe and glows all night long! Better known as “The Northern Lights Cup” it glows by storing up light and then slowly releasing it. Put the glass under the bedside lamp before bed, or any bright light or well lit area will work.
We make these bedside drinking glasses not to have a “product” or to continue the loop of consumerism. We make them because we enjoy the process, and use them ourselves.

Here are some more amazing aspects of the “The Northern Lights Cup”:

Organic Shape
Uniquely hand crafted; no two are alike
Each glass is signed and dated by me, Andy Libecki
Helps remind you to hydrate!
Functional, beautiful, fun and unique
You can't help but to see it and want to drink from it!
Inspired by Greenland

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