In 2012 we moved to Northern California from Northwest Washington, and started the Good Times Glass Studio.

  “Blood, sweat, tears" and little money, we went on a wild adventure to pursue passion and follow our dreams of entrepreneurship. For years and years working in different glass blowing studios, I always saw little things I would do differently in the layout or construction of the studios. I remember at my day job, at a production glass lighting factory day dreaming at my bench about the functionality and Feng Shui of what my own glass studio would be like.

That being said about having little money, we could not afford to hire the pros to do all the work, thus learning how to do it ourselves. Another great reminder to the old saying "Its the journey, not the destination". If we would of have had the dough to buy all new equipment and pay some one to do all the work installing it, I would of never learned the core ingredients of what it takes to build, run and maintain my equipment. Not to mention the intimate connection I have with my studio from that experience, and the perfection of it fitting like a glove. I have learned so much from the construction of our studio. It has been a wild ride, a river of humility and an ocean of learning.

The first day we lit that furnace, we realized "we have built the mountain, and now must climb it".